Diving into adulthood

I’ve always had trou­bles to relate to my age. While I know it’s only a num­ber, I can’t stop think­ing that those years are slow­ly count­ing and grow­ing in num­bers (still can’t believe I’m reach­ing my 30s in one year). For years, I stub­born­ly refused to become an adult, decid­ing that it was some­thing I didn’t relate to, stay­ing in some kind of pre-adult years (or more post-teenage years).

However, late­ly things changed a lot. While 2016 was a ter­ri­ble year for a lot of peo­ple (and for the world), it was for me one of the most for­ma­tive year I’ve ever encoun­tered. I nev­er felt myself get­ting old­er than I did dur­ing last year, tak­ing deci­sions that changed my life total­ly: quit­ting smok­ing total­ly, decid­ing to leave my job and go full free­lance, learn­ing what I need­ed and want­ed in sev­er­al aspects of my life.

While 2017 didn’t start as well as I had wished, it’s still pack­ing a lot of promis­es on the pro­fes­sion­al lev­el, with a tremen­dous amount of project being planned for the com­ing weeks. It’s even a bit fright­en­ing how much I’m invest­ing into my work life late­ly but, well, some­times it’s nec­es­sary and it’s for the better.

I always had some trou­bles iden­ti­fy­ing as an adult due to the fact that I’m still look­ing quite young (with peo­ple giv­ing me 23 years old it doesn’t help), but  final­ly, at 29, I’ve decid­ed to accept myself as an adult per­son, and to accept that I could have insights, opin­ions, things to say, … that were as valu­able as the oth­er adults I’ve ever encountered.

I’m still, and will still look younger than my age for (I hope) a long time, but I know that now my mind­set has changed, now I can final­ly say that I’ve entered adult­hood, or at least entered what I con­sid­er to be adult­hood. It might not look like much, or some­thing I should have done years ago, but for me it was final­ly being able to stand on the same ground as lot of peo­ple I’m work­ing with, and this has for­ev­er changed the way I look at things.

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Simon Vandereecken

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