A little check up on the changes I’ve made

Since December I’ve changed a lot of things in my life, remov­ing some habits, cut­ting on things like alco­hol, cof­fee, … After 2 months I’ve made a small check-up to see where I am now and where I’m head­ing to. Most of the changes had a pos­i­tive impact in my life which is why I find it inter­est­ing to share now.

Stopping cof­fee: I felt I was too addict­ed to cof­fee while it had lit­tle impact on my over­all health. In fact I had to drink more and more cof­fee just to get that lit­tle ”bump” in the morn­ing, while avoid­ing to go over 5 cups a day which made me sick. Since then I’ve total­ly stopped cof­fee (switched to infu­sions & tea), and I must say that I feel way bet­ter. I’m more awake in the morn­ing than before, my teeth are whiter, … But, on the side, I’ve become extra-sen­si­tive to caf­feine, with one Coke Zero keep­ing me awake for 5 hours straight.

Reading more: I set a goal of 50 books for this year, and I’m already at 29, so this is going pret­ty well. I’ve kept the screen usage quite low, switch­ing to books every time I could. Those books all real­ly helped me going through my break up, but also giv­ing me guid­ance and improv­ing my self-con­fi­dence. I’ll pre­pare a post lat­er about the books that changed my life & way of think­ing so stay tuned.


Meditation & sto­icism: those two tru­ly saved me. I think that with­out sto­icism, my break up would have been real­ly hard­er. But by work­ing on being able to let things go and acknowl­edge that noth­ing last, I was able to over­come it. Meditation brought me a won­der­ful peace of mind and down­sized my stress. I’ve learned a lot about myself through this, and this helps me to go through the chal­lenges of every­day life.

Daily jour­nal­ing: Since December I’ve writ­ten one page every­day in a note­book (ok, now three). This helped me both emp­ty my head, keep track of deci­sions, but also allowed me to see how I was evolv­ing, feel­ing, … We tend to for­get exact­ly how we felt dur­ing some events, jour­nal­ing helps you to keep this infor­ma­tion as you lived it some­where. It also helped me to keep my deci­sions in time where I was lost by just going back to the time I decid­ed to do some­thing and under­stand again why.

No Alcohol: Stopping alco­hol for 50 days real­ly helped me. But I’ve real­ized that I didn’t have any prob­lem with alco­hol and that all my prob­lems were relat­ed to my rela­tion­ship. Alcohol just revealed all that. But by stop­ping it for 50 days, I’m now able to know exact­ly when I should stop drink­ing. This is invalu­able to me as I’m now able to sur­vive my hang­overs much easier.


Weight: By exer­cis­ing, chang­ing my eat­ing habits, cut­ting on the sweets, … I was able to go from 79 kg to 71 kg. I’m feel­ing greater than before, and much more con­fi­dent too. I Still have to go down, but switched from 32 to 28 for my jeans, I’m able to wear S sized shirts, I’m clear­ly hap­pi­er with how I look. I also learned how to dress prop­er­ly and take bet­ter care of my skin and things like that. The break up crushed a lot of my gym and eat­ing habits but I’m work­ing to get back on track and start­ed dead­lift­ing, so here we go.

I’m still work­ing a lot on improv­ing my dai­ly rou­tine and life, and switched the focus for this year to some self-improve­ment projects: cre­at­ing my com­pa­ny, writ­ing my sec­ond nov­el, trav­el­ling to Canada, and keep on improv­ing my life. I’m always look­ing for new steps so don’t hes­i­tate to reach out ;)

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