A better version of me

2016 was quite a roller­coast­er year on many parts. I’m grate­ful for sev­er­al things that hap­pened in my life, but I must admit that I let myself slip quite a bit while enjoy­ing only the good things with­out tak­ing some time to keep on improv­ing myself. While in 2015 I suc­ceed­ed at los­ing a lot of weight and estab­lish a dai­ly rou­tine, I let myself slip dur­ing 2016, some­thing I want­ed to get back on.


There and back again

So I’ve set up this blog again. Which might seems strange look­ing at how many times I’ve blogged, removed, blogged again, removed, … with­out find­ing any way to real­ly ”get it”. Most of it had to do with the divi­sion between my pro­fes­sion­al and per­son­al life that hap­pened in the past, search­ing my way wasn’t easy so I went here and there.


Turn on the light

Like a lot of peo­ple, I woke up the 9th of November fac­ing a glob­al headache. A headache we could have seen com­ing, which has slow­ly built out­side of our bub­bles, just next to it in fact. Those talks, remarks, “jokes” that slow­ly built through­out the years and that we have all heard dur­ing our fam­i­ly or friends gath­er­ing, …


Introverts in a world of rainbow extroversion

I’ve always felt a bit dis­tant from the LGBT world, felt like I didn’t fit in, that it wasn’t a place for me at all. But I came to think, thanks to the book Quiet by Susan Cain, that the main prob­lem I have with the LGBT world is that it’s entire­ly aimed toward extro­verts. I’ve nev­er been the par­ty kind or things like that (which has always sound­ed a bit weird to most of my friends…), but even in gay bars do I find it dif­fi­cult.