Thoughts on breaking up

Last week I wasn’t able to write a sin­gle thing for this diary. While I did my best to keep a day-to-day one page diary, writ­ing some­thing longer was beyond my con­trol. Because last week I lost some­one very dear to me for rea­sons I still don’t under­stand and with­out being able to do a sin­gle thing to avoid it. Thus break­ing mul­ti­ple promis­es I did to myself for this begin­ning of year.


When non-doing is better

One thing I’ve come to real­ize more and more in our soci­ety, is our ten­den­cy to inter­vene all the time in every­thing, for the sake of the inter­ven­tion. Things are being changed, teams are being shuf­fled, plans are being remade, … all the time, espe­cial­ly with a new-com­er.


Reframing our window

For a decade now and with a sur­pris­ing increase dur­ing the last years, I tend to encoun­ter a lot of words used with­out any inter­est for their basic def­i­n­i­tion, think­ing only about cre­at­ing or increas­ing some ”wow” fac­tor. Those words I keep see­ing? Exclusivity, Groundbreaking, Revolutionary, Unique, Innovation, … 


Reading Notes : You’re Not So Smart

This book felt like an end­less streak of slaps in the face, pre­sent­ing every bias one might have. I think I might have checked all of them, even the one I didn’t think I had. It does a real­ly good job in explain­ing our com­mon bias by pro­vid­ing solid links to sci­en­tific stud­ies and real life exam­ples that we can all relate too.


Learning to say no

It’s fun­ny how this sim­ple thing has elud­ed me for so many years (and still eludes me from time to time). Something as sim­ple as say­ing “no”,“I won’t”, “I can’t”. I’ve spent so many years run­ning after time, say­ing yes all the time, abid­ing to things I didn’t want to do, invest­ing ener­gy I didn’t have, forc­ing myself to be some­one I wasn’t or to do things that only pulled me down fur­ther.