The sad state of the gay dating apps scene

Let’s not fan­ta­size, Grindr is basi­cal­ly a meat mar­ket. It’s even of one the rea­son where I find the whole debate about those ”no fem, no fat, no asian” as some small detail of it. The whole way this app works rests sole­ly on the phys­i­cal lev­el. Let’s face it, nobody reads your description.


Coming to terms with our world

In today’s soci­ety, we tend to con­form to a lot of labels. I’ve went through a lot of them myself. While they help us find­ing our place in our soci­ety and help us under­stand who we are, often they end up block­ing us or giv­ing false excus­es to some behav­iors we may adopt.


Rise of the orators

Politics. I thought I’d nev­er get back into this, hav­ing lost the will­ing­ness to under­stand their shout­ings, their fight­ings, this unbear­able divi­sion of our soci­ety in small­er and small­er parts. But here we go again, as it seems it has became unavoid­able late­ly unfor­tu­nate­ly. You might have noticed how it has changed in the last years, los­ing most of its mes­sages for those strong fig­ures, those talk­ers, those new orators


A little check up on the changes I’ve made

Since December I’ve changed a lot of things in my life, remov­ing some habits, cut­ting on things like alco­hol, cof­fee, … After 2 months I’ve made a small check-up to see where I am now and where I’m head­ing to. 


Diving into adulthood

For years, I stub­born­ly refused to become an adult, decid­ing that it was some­thing I didn’t relate to, stay­ing in some kind of pre-adult years (or more post-teenage years).


You have the choice

I remem­ber talk­ing with a friend about how unhap­py I was and how I felt I was slow­ly dying for such a long time, express­ing some bit­ter­ness. That’s when she told me ”but you had the choice, you could have left”.


Those mistakes that shape our lives

Just as busi­ness tend to evolve thanks to fail­ures and improve­ments, I strong­ly think that we tend to evolve through our mis­takes, our errors and regrets. But I also strong­ly believe that not all errors are equal, and that in each of our lives, we’re mak­ing what I call some major for­ma­tive mistake. 


Think, wait, fast

Some days ago, I fin­ished Siddharta by Herman Hesse, a very strange and com­pelling book that imme­di­ate­ly jumped into my life chang­ing shelf of my library. One par­tic­u­lar pas­sage in this book hit me with the veloc­i­ty of a full-speed train


Getting yourself to read more

It seems that nowa­days a lot of peo­ple regret not being able to read more. So I’m writ­ing this to give you some tips that I gath­ered along, hop­ing it may help you ;)


Thoughts on breaking up

Last week I wasn’t able to write a sin­gle thing for this diary. While I did my best to keep a day-to-day one page diary, writ­ing some­thing longer was beyond my con­trol. Because last week I lost some­one very dear to me for rea­sons I still don’t under­stand and with­out being able to do a sin­gle thing to avoid it. Thus break­ing mul­ti­ple promis­es I did to myself for this begin­ning of year.